Tips and Tricks Internet Safety for your Kids

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Tips and Tricks Internet Safety for your Kids

The main topic is tips and trick internet safety for kids? The world of the internet is very easy for anyone, including children. That’s why the internet or the virtual world does not need to be kept away from children. Here are tips and tricks to keep our children safe from the internet.

Tips and trick internet safety for kids

Below are some tips and trick internet safety for kid and keep our children safe from internet

Go into their online world

Parental involvement in the online life of children is very important especially considering the children are now familiar with the internet.

Should you know the scope of their motion, make sure you also know their other ‘playground’. Make sure they surf the internet safely.

internet safety for kids


Make the rules

Unlimited freedom in online activities will have a negative impact on children. It would be better if you make rules about the length of time online and what sites they may or may not visit. You can talk it over with them, including talking about the consequences if they break the rule. Put those rules near the computer so they always remember.

Teach them to protect privacy Children are not fully aware of the consequences of indulging in personal information. Well, your job is to get the kids to know about a number of actions like:

  • Never give your name, phone number, email address, home address, school or photo without your permission.
  • Never open emails from strangers.
  • Do not respond to disturbing messages.
  • Don’t meet people known through the internet.

Do not Ignore Location

Instead of letting your child use a computer in a private room, place the computer in a public place. It will makes it easy for you to monitor its use.

Be Friend for them

Encourage your child to let you know if they encounter things that make him uncomfortable. Reassure her that you will not overdo it, blame her or forbid her to surf.

In cooperation with ISP

If possible, work with your internet service provider (ISP). Usually they have a free parental control that can limit the accessing of children to certain sites. Parental control software is also widely available on the internet for free.

Maximize your Browser

If your ISP does not have the above capabilities, you still have the safe option in surfing in your browser. For example, if you use Internet Explorer, the Content Advisor program can be found in Tools> Internet Options> Content. He will filter the language, sex and violence that exist on the internet.

Setting Your Search Engines

Search engines like Google offer clickable filtering in Preferences / SafeSearch Filtering. When it is activated, it is able to block sites that contain sexual content.

Know the Safe Sites for Your Age You can search for sites that are suitable for your child’s age with varied content such as about movies, music, history, science, and more.

Take care of our children who are our own assets in the future.

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