Fastest, Create Keyboard Shortcuts to Launch Programs

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Fastest, Create Keyboard Shortcuts to Launch Programs

Keyboard shortcuts  key is a combination of two or more keys in the keyboard that can be used to perform commands directly without using the mouse or pointing device. Keyboard shortcuts is very useful to simplify and speed up in working with the computer.

Immediately, this time we will share tips and tricks about creating and defining keyboard shortcuts for certain application programs so that it can be easier for us to open a program by utilizing keyboard shortcuts in Windows.

In the demonstration create and define keyboard shortcuts for certain application programs already installed on the computer. This time we use windows 8, and will create and install keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Office Word application program. The application would launch when the keyboard shortcut keys for that application.

How To create Keyboard Shortcuts key for any application in Windows 8:

  • Right-click the program icon and select Properties.
shortcuts key program application

shortcuts key program application

  • Select the Shortcut tab
  • Click in Shortcut key textbox
  • Press a key (for example, we choose and press letter “W” on Keyboard.
  • Automatically, in shortcut key box, key will be Ctrl + Alt + W
  • Press OK to exit.
ms word keyboard shortcuts

ms word keyboard shortcuts

  • Use the Keyboard shortcut combo to launch the programs application.

Like the way i have used a combo of keys Ctrl + Alt + W to launch Ms Word Programs other applications can be launched using Shortcut keys.

To use keyboard shortcuts that you have created and specify above, the steps are as follows:

  • Log on to your desktop (Start + D)
  • Press on your keyboard the keyboard shortcuts you have created. For example the keyboard shortcuts key to open Ms Word use key is Ctrl + Alt + W

Some things need to be a note:

  • Record all keyboard shortcuts you have created and specify in a book or special writing. So at any time you forget the shortcuts key of a particular application program then you can open the note to remember it.
  • In creating keyboard shortcuts, it should not be the same between one program and another.

Tips and tricks determine and make keyboard shortcuts above, you can use on other Windows versions like Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 or any other Windows version. Thus an explanation of the understanding, functions, and various kinds of shortcut keys on the computer. thank you

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