Winbox, Adding Mikrotik User for Mikrotik Routerboard

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Winbox, Adding Mikrotik User for Mikrotik Routerboard

Adding mikrotik user on Mikrotik devices Routerboard is very important for network security. Need to know, there are three categories of Mikrotik users on mikrotik devices. The three categories of mikrotik users include:

  • Full Access user, users with this category are generally referred to as admininstator who have full access to daat make settings on the device mikrotik
  • Write user, this second type user has permissions to be able to do the settings or configuration on mikrotik device.
  • Read Users, users who only have the right to askes can only read the data and configuration that exist in mikrotik.

How to add a new mikrotik user?

If you are currently the owner of mikrotik hardware, then your current position is as administrator who has full rights and can add new users to your mikrotik device.

In the example of how to add new users to mkrotik this time is through Winbox software. While the Mikrotik version that we use is Mikrotik RB411. Follow the steps below to add mikrotik users

  • Download the Winbox app. You can download it directly winbox latest version on the following mikrotik download site. You can also download Winbox directly on your mikrotik device by: accessing Mikrotik devices by entering Mikrotik’s ip address on Web Browser. The, Download the Winbox app via Mikrotik menu.
  • Open the Winbox app
  • Enter the IP address, user name and password on the Connect to window. For username and password use user: admin, admin password
  • Click Connect
New Winbox


  • Open admin window on Mikrotik RB
  • Look at the left handler, and choose System> Users menu
winbox menu

add new user from Winbox Menu

  • The User List window appears
  • Click the Add button
Add new user

Add New

  • New User window appears, do the settings on the new User, according to the three user permissions on Mikrotik (Full access, write access or read access.
mikrotik user

new mikrotik user

More details for the New mikrotik User settings on Mikrotik Routerboard, as shown in the picture above.

By creating a new user and setting on permissions, then the usage, maintenance on your Mikrotik device will be easier and safety.

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