Miscarriage Depression, Manage Depression After Miscarriage

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Miscarriage Depression, Manage Depression After Miscarriage

Miscarriage depression is a state of depression caused by a miscarriage. This condition we can say with depression after Miscarriage. Pregnancy is a happy thing, not infrequently a mother can already have a strong inner bond with her baby though still in the womb. That is why when a miscarriage occurs, it can leave a sadness that continues to haunt the mind and may cause depression after miscarriage.

Events of miscarriage always leave a sense of loss, disappointment, and guilt for women who experience it. Although it is difficult, but you are advised not to be too long dissolved in the sadness due to miscarriage, so as not to continue into a depression that will make it more difficult to bounce back.

Recognizing Symptoms of Miscarriage Depression

The sadness experienced by women after the miscarriage often lasts until protracted. Not infrequently, it continues into depression. Depression after miscarriage will affect the mental health condition of the sufferer. Starting from a deep sense of sadness and guilt, to easily anger and anxiety.

Some of the symptoms that can be recognized as a sign of depression after miscarriage include:

  • Sad or feeling empty.
  • Difficulty sleeping or even sleeping too much.
  • Lack of concentration or forgetfulness.
  • Easily angry or frustrated.
  • No energy or lack of energy.
  • Feeling guilty or feeling worthless.
  • No appetite or even overeating.
  • Complain with unexplained pain or physical pain for no apparent reason, even after treatment.

One of the things to watch out for depression after miscarriage is the onset of thoughts and the desire to commit suicide. In addition to the depression left unchecked, it will also adversely affect the metabolism that affects the overall health of the body. For that reason, if you experience complaints like the above, do not hesitate to ask for help doctors or psychiatrists, so that can be handled immediately.

How To Overcome Miscarriage Depression

The most severe depression level is usually felt shortly after a miscarriage, and gradually decreases over time. Some ways that can be done to reduce or relieve the possibility of such conditions become prolonged among them is by:

  • Counseling to your doctor: The doctor is the right person to pour out your feelings. The Doctors are able to provide answers to questions that might make your mind uneasy.
  • Receive sincerely: Remember the miscarriage is not the end of everything, cultivate in your mind that you are not the only one who experienced it. Many other women who have experienced a miscarriage but managed to get through these difficult times, even until successful pregnant again and build a family. Make this a motivation, and do not get too sad.
  • Calming the mind: It is natural to spend more time grieving and contemplating what is happening. But do not be too long, so you can recover from the grief felt, and prepare to undergo daily activities, even to prepare for the next pregnancy so that the miscarriage does not happen again. This is certainly supported by a healthy condition both on your physical and psychological.
  • Talking with your family: Pouring out your heart with family and parents can also make your mind more calm. Ask for understanding and comfort, and prayer and support from them for your current and future conditions.

In severe conditions, the doctor may need to give certain medications. The drug aims to help reduce the symptoms of depression perceived. Psychotherapy can also be recommended to help manage emotions and mood. These steps are done so that you can prepare for many other wonderful things that await in the future, including the next pregnancy.

If you and your partner are ready to re-plan the pregnancy, then try to consult your obstetrician again, so you can do the necessary checks to see if there are any risk factors that might harm your uterus. This will help the doctor to help you prepare for a healthy pregnancy.

No need to worry too much after having a miscarriage depression. This does not close the possibility to get pregnant again and give birth to a healthy baby. Remember, a healthy pregnancy starts from a healthy physical and psychological condition. So, always think positive and do not despair.


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