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Change Monitor Refresh Rate on Windows 8

Absolutely we can change monitor refresh rate according to what we like. Why we change the refresh rate of monitor? By change refresh rate of your monitor, it can improve the monitor performance.

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Computer monitor is the most important part to display the initial output before our work is printed on paper. Monitor is also vital in terms of being the media editor for our work. Without monitors we will not be able to enjoy various multimedia feature services in the form of images either from the internet or from the computer itself. Imagine we will only be able to grope in the dark when our computer and laptop monitor can not be turned on.

Good performance of the monitor will certainly add more value to our monitor. To improve the performance of your monitor we can do perform monitor performance monitoring techniques through Refresh Rate facility in System Properties of our windows operating system.

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Refresh rate has a function to display the number of images that appear in every second. If the value is higher then more better, but this feature is very dependent on the ability of the monitor itself. The better a monitor the higher the refresh rate that can be operated.

How to Change refresh rate of the computer monitor?

Step by step To refresh rate on Windows 8 Operating System:

  • Right click on the computer desktop and select Screen Resolution
refresh rate monitor

screen resolution

  • Click the Advanced settings tab
monitor refresh rate

Advanced Setting

  • In the box that appears click the monitor tab
change monitor refresh rate

Monitor Tab

  • In the settings box, change the value on the screen refresh rate to be higher, eg be 75 Hertz or 85 Hertz.
  • OK
monitor refresh rate

60hz Refresh Rate

If you use a CRT type monitor then the recommended refresh rate is 75 Hz or more. However, if your monitor is able to show a refresh rate with a higher value then you can change it with more higher refresh rate.

That’s the web article Tricks Computers on Tips How to Improve Performance Monitor hopefully help you

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