Mount Iso File with CD and DVD Virtual Drive

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Mount Iso File with CD and DVD Virtual Drive

Before talking about mount Iso file with CD or DVD Virtual, let us know What is ISO file? ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is a type of archive file that allows users to copy the contents of all drives or disks.

The ISO files are not compressed and contain many other files that have all been collected together for quick and easy transfers. The most commonly used ISO files instead of CDs but also can be used to copy servers, hard drives, or other storage devices. The ISO software allows users to create ISO files, burn them to disk, and extract content from them again.

An ISO image is an archive file (also known as an image disk) of an optical disc, comprising the data content of each sector of an optical disc, including an optical disk file system. ISO image files usually have a .iso extension. The ISO name is taken from a 9660 ISO file system used with CD-ROM media, but ISO image may also contain UDF file system.

As with any archive, the ISO image includes all the data files contained on an archive CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc, or any other disk format. Any CD or DVD can be archived with ISO format. This is a genuine digital copy.

How to Mount Iso Files by using CD or DVD Virtual Drive


The step by step mounting the iso file to a Virtual CD-DVD are as follows:

  • Install Power Iso on your computer
  • Restart your computer to create a Virtual Drive CD
virtual drive

Virtual Drive

Note: if a Virtual CD or DVD has not appeared yet, activate this feature by going to: Open Windows Explorer> Right-click on one of the Drive on the computer> choose the number of CD or DVD Virtual Drive

mount iso in virtual drive

Activate Virtual Drive

  • Find your Iso file
  • Right-click on the Iso file
  • Power Iso
  • Mount Image to Drive …
mount iso windows to virtual drive

Mount Iso file

  • See the results
virtual drive

Virtual Drive

By mounting iso to CD, DVD Virtual Drive, then you can view the contents of the files and use it anyway. Happy working with Virtual Drive.

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