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Ms Word shortcut keys for Open, Create, Save, View Document

Ms word shortcut keys are the shortcut keys provided by Ms Office Word for a variety of ease in quick access. The shortcut keys in the ms word application we will write below serve to open new documents, save documents, create new documents, display documents in various layouts and other functions related to documents and document windows.

The shortcut keys below are taken from the documentation using Microsoft Office 2003, so if you use other versions there may be some non-functioning shortcut keys as we have explained.

Benefits of Ms Word Shortcut keys?

Some of the main benefits you can get from using Ms Word shortcut keys is that you will be able to work with more practical and fast, without the need to click on the menu that seems ineffective.

ms word shortcut keys


Shortcut keys for Microsoft Word document and document window

The following are the Shortcut keys that relate to Microsoft Word documents and documents window:

  • CTRL + N = Create a new document
  • CTRL + O = Open the document.
  • CTRL + S = Save the document being opened / edited
  • CTRL + W = Closes the document. If the document has not been saved, a dialog box will appear asking if the document wants to be saved or not.
  • CTRL + ALT + S = Split the document window into two parts. After typing CTRL + ALT + S, click on the desired position.
  • SHIFT + ALT + C = Closes the document window which has been divided into two parts / displays (CTRL + ALT + S)
  • CTRL + ALT + P = Change the look of the document into Print Layout view. See menu View
  • CTRL + ALT + O = Change the look of the document into outline view. See View menu
  • CTRL + ALT + N = Change the look of the document to Normal view. See View menu
  • ALT + R = Change the look of the document into a Reading view. See View menu

How to use shortcut keys above?

How to use the shortcut keys in Microsoft Word above is very easy. You just stay concentrated and focus on the keyboard. Then press the combination keys on the keyboard simultaneously with your fingers.

By knowing shortcut keys about documents and document windows, you are one step ahead, more practical and faster in opening, creating, saving and displaying your word documents.


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