Neck Pain, Really a Sign of High Cholesterol?

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Neck Pain, Really a Sign of High Cholesterol?

You feel a neck pain? There is an opinion that states that the neck pain is closely related to high cholesterol levels in the blood. What is the medical opinion of the above opinion?

Is it true that neck pain is a sign of high cholesterol?

High cholesterol levels are a dangerous condition, which becomes the embryo of heart disease and stroke. Many people assume that the condition is marked by the emergence of neck pain complaints. Is this true?

You need to know, cholesterol itself is actually a fatty substance found in the blood. At normal levels, cholesterol serves as a builder of healthy body cells. However, if the levels are excessive or above normal, cholesterol can cause blockage in the blood vessels.

Neck pain

In the case of blocked blood vessels due to high cholesterol, one can feel the symptoms of shortness of breath, chest feels heavy, and also easily tired. So, what about the neck pain?

High cholesterol levels and neck pain

No doubt, high cholesterol can indeed be marked by the emergence of neck pain complaints. This is associated with the accumulation of fat in the blood vessels of the neck, so the blood consciousness in these body parts becomes not smooth.

However, neck pain does not necessarily occur due to high cholesterol alone. This is because these conditions can also occur due to muscle abnormalities, bone and nervous system, and feelings of anxiety and stress. Therefore, neck pain can also be experienced by people with normal or even low cholesterol levels.

Symptoms and signs of high cholesterol

As mentioned earlier, in addition to the neck pain, someone who has high cholesterol levels may also have complaints:

  • Tingling: With the obstacles in the blood vessels, the blood circulation will become non-fluent. Therefore, the tingling will increasingly occur.
  • Chest discomfort or pounding: Someone who has high cholesterol levels will often experience feelings of discomfort in the chest or pounding. This is caused by the heart that must work extra, to penetrate the blockage of cholesterol in the blood vessels. If this incident continues, the heart will experience ‘fatigue’ until it finally stops. In the medical world, this condition is known as heart failure.
  • Easily tired: If the cholesterol plaque that has been in the blood vessels getting worse, then the supply of oxygen throughout the body will also be reduced. This situation makes a person experiencing fatigue and often tired, especially if the accumulation of cholesterol occurs in the blood vessels of the brain.

Although the above conditions can be used as a reference, but the only way to ensure the presence or absence of high cholesterol levels in the body is to conduct a blood test directly. Therefore, you should not take unilateral decisions that sore neck and other similar complaints are characteristic of high cholesterol. Greetings healthy!

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