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Perfect: Download and Save New WhatsApp Status

Can we download New WhatsApp status whether video or photo? In the use of the Whatsapp app, often our friends create new or update WhatsApp status. New WhatsApp status updates can be videos or photographs from camera catches or other stored sources.

About Update or New WhatsApp Status Update

Every day, you or WhatsApp users can create a new or update their status. New or Update Status that you have created either photos, images or videos will be displayed for 24 hours. And the status will automatically disappear after 24 hours.

The photos or videos that are in the WhatsApp status of our contacts may be interesting and we want to save them or download and save it. Can we do this? How to?

How to Download Video or Photos from New WhatsApp Status Update?

Okay, it comes time to share tips on how to download or Save Video or Photo from New Update Status in WhatsApp from your existing contacts.

Until now, In WhatsApp application version 2.18.142 from the developer, we do not find any save menu or download Video or Photo from Update WhatsApp status. To be able to download or store interesting Photographs and Videos from an existing Contact Status, we can use special applications from other developers.

Application to download or save Photo or video WhatsApp status, is called Status Saver for WhatsApp. The full steps are as follows:

  • Turn on your android
  • Run the Play Store app
play store

play store

  • Enter the keyword “story server for whatsapp” in the Play Store search box
  • There are many search results, choose one (eg Story Server for Whatsapp from mccart)
new whatsapp status

Story Server for Whatsapp from

  • Install the auxiliary application
  • Run and use the auxiliary application to download and save video or photo update status Whatsapp

That’s how to download or save photos or videos Whatsapp Update Status from friends who became our contact on WhatsApp. Good luck and enjoy the downloaded photos or video status updates from your friends are funny and interesting.

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