Stopping Not Responding Application with Task Manager

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Stopping Not Responding Application with Task Manager

Have you experienced Not Responding to the process of an application. Because of something like an application program that is too heavy to work, an error in the application program running applications can experience Not Responding program application.

What can we do?

When a process of an application experiences Not Responding you can forcibly stopping application by using the Windows Task Manager Tools.

How to turn off or stopping the Not Responding Process with Task Manager.

What is task manager and what does it do? Task manager is an application from Microsoft Windows that lets you perform and / or stop an application or process.

Another notion of task manager or Windows Task Manager (TaskMgr) is a Task Manager application included with the Microsoft Windows NT family of operating systems that provides detailed information about the performance of the computer and runs applications, processes and CPU usage, performs load and memory information, network activity and statistics, user log-in, and service systems.

Task manager function in general is to facilitate you to manage applications that are running and / or stop the process that is not needed, this process will be helpful when the computer crashes.

Previously we need to explain here, that in the process that Not Responding the following occurred in Applications that use the Windows operating system. To turn off a process that has Not Responding on Windows OS follow these steps:

Open the Task Manger app.

  • The first way to open the Task Manager app is as follows, right click on Taskbar> Task Manager.


  • The second way is to press the CTRL + Alt + Delete key on the keyboard simultaneously

The second step, will appear Task Manager

  • Log on Processes window
  • Select and click the application that experienced Not Responding
  • Click the End Task button
stop not responding program

task manager

  • Done

Thus easy and quick way to overcome the application program that experienced Not Responding on Windows operating system. Please you can run the application again Normally after you turn off the process through Task Manager.

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