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Open CorelDraw Application with Run Command

Opening an application program from the icon, quick launch, start menu may be a common thing. Here are tips on how to open CorelDraw (Corel Draw / cdr) program quickly using RUN.

Already we know together that to open an application we can do with a few ways from start clicking on the icon on the desktop, through the start menu, through quick launch, using command prompt up to use the RUN command.

Why we recommend to open an app with RUN?

Open an application using RUN command provides little ease and excellence, some of the ease and advantages are as follows:

  • We do not need to find the icon of the application software in question.
  • We do not need to click multiple times to open an application.
  • Faster and efficient.
  • Looks cooler and other than usual

2 steps open CorelDraw app with RUN

Here are the step by step how to open CorelDraw software with RUN command is as follows:

  • Press on your keyboard button Start + R button simultaneously
open coreldraw

Start + R

  • Type in the RUN window “coreldrw” and then pres Enter on your keyboard
open corel draw

Run Command

After the above two steps, quickly the CorelDraw application will open and you are ready to work with CorelDraw to push up images or for other purposes.

How to open Corel Draw above is to combine the two tricks with keyboard shortcut tricks on the Windows operating system and by using the RUN Command which is a built-in facility of Windows operating system.

The above will provide the speed and ease of working with CorelDraw application. In addition to CorelDraw, there are many other graphical design applications from free to paid ones. From the cheapest to the most expensive.

Here are some of the most popular Graphics Software Recommendations that can be your choice to support and assist you in completing your work related to graphic design. I hope this helps.

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