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Open Excel, Microsoft Excel, Ms Office Quickly Without Mouse

How to open Excel (Microsoft Excel) and others ms office product quickly without a mouse? Microsoft Excel is a software that we often use in carrying out daily work when in the office. By opening excel and others ms office product in fast ways, then you will be able to work faster in opening Microsoft Excel application.

In this tips, we will also show you how to open quickly others product from Microsoft Office. That is Microsoft Word, and PowerPoint.

Several ways to open Excel – Microsoft Excel

There are several ways to open excel, which is through the start menu program, through the icon program that exists on the desktop, through the Explorer file. In addition, the way that we think is more faster than the above way is through Run Command.

The advantages of opening applications with Run Command include the following:

  • No mouse needed
  • Without a click
  • Tend to be faster than other ways.

How to open Excel – Microsoft Excel more faster

As we have explained above, here are the steps of open Excel and other Office products. To open Excel or Microsoft Excel that is installed on the Windows operating system faster than the other way the steps are as follows:

  • Press the Start + R button simultaneously
open coreldraw

Start + R

  • RUN window appears
  • In the RUN window box, type “Excel” (without quotes)
open excel microsoft excel

Run Command

  • Press Enter on the keyboard
  • Immediately open Microsoft Excel

To open other Office products quickly using Run Command, do it like the steps above, in step three:

  • open Word: type “winword”
  • open PowerPoint: Type “powerpnt

That’s the trick how to open Excel or Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint quickly and easily. In this tricks you can also open Excel, Word, PowerPoint software applications more faster and easier without having to do multiple clicks on the desktop or start menu.

Hopefully it’s can help you, happy working and  nice having work more faster then before.

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