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Open File Explorer Windows in Fastest Way

Open File Explorer windows in fast and quickly is needed in any work. One of the keys to success in work is to work more fast and quickly. Similarly, in using the computer, it should work fast and quickly so that it impacts on the effectiveness and efficiency of performance.

Here, we will try to give you the fastest way to open file explorer on Windows operating system. By using the fastest way to open file Explorer, then some benefits that can be felt for the computer users, among others, as follows:

  • Reduce excessive use of resources. Both human as well as other resources.
  • Efficiency in work
  • Opening the document will be faster
  • Open the file explorer on windows more faster

The first way to open file Explorer through the keyboard shortcut:

This way just only takes one step only. Namely by utilizing the keyboard shortcut feature on the Windows operating system. The steps are as follows:

Press start logo and E Button on keyboard simultaneously (Start + E).

After you press the Start + E button simultaneously, the File Explorer windows will be open immediately. As shown in the picture below

open file explorer windows

Start + E

In the picture above, the File Explorer window appears in Windows is open

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The second way through Icon My Computer

The second fastest way is to use the My Computer icon on the Desktop. Also read how to display Icon My Computer on desktop.

The trick is to do double Click on my Computer icon.

open file explorer

My Computer

That is the lightest two fastest ways to open File Explorer on Windows operating system. The first trick is to use keyboard shortcuts and the second trick is to use the My Computer icon on the desktop.

This trick is quite easy for all computer users both new users and users who are already proficient. This trick applies for all version of Windows operating system

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