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Open Microsoft Word Without Mouse and Click

There are many ways to open an app program on windows operating system. Here we will demonstrate with pictures how to open Microsoft Word with just 2 short steps, easy and fast without mouse and click.

How to open Microsoft Word is, arguably not many new users know this way.

How to open Microsoft office Word Application using keyboard shortcuts feature in Windows operating system. And all Windows operating system, from Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and other latest version are supported with this way.

Keyboard shortcuts are a combination of keyboard keys you press to perform various tasks when using a computer. Using shortcuts is often faster than using the mouse because the position of your hands remains on the keyboard.

Thus, by using this keyboard shortcuts feature, then automatically you will be able to work faster, easier and efficient. In this case it is to open Microsoft office Word.

Open Microsoft Word without using Mouse and click

How to open Microsoft Word in a new way and just two short steps without using mouse and click.

The steps are as follows:

  • Turn on your laptop or computer
  • Make sure your hands are on the keyboard
  • Press the Start + R Button on the keyboard simultaneously
open coreldraw

Start + R

  • RUN window appears
  • Type in RUN box “winword” without quotation marks
open microsoft word


  • Press the enter key on the keyboard

Instantly once you press the Enter key, the Microsoft Word word processing application will open shortly.

This way, you can apply to open applications or other software already installed on the computer. Provided you know the name of the file with extension. exe from the program that is installed on the computer.

How to know the name of the file with the extension .exe of a program? to find out please read on our article below about how to know the file name with extension. exe from a program.

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