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Optimize PC Performance with Best Setting for All Windows

How to optimize PC performance without any software? At this time we will try to give you tips How to optimize pc performance by doing advanced system settings from the existing features in windows operating system.

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By default, the performance of your computer or laptop can be manually set to best performance settings. How to settings for best performance settings on a computer or laptop without using software and just do settings on the windows system?

In the trick this time, we demonstrate it using Windows 8. However, these tricks and tips you can apply to almost all windows operating system either Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and or other latest Windows versions. Happy reading our tricks.

Configuration and setting for optimize PC performance

Here are the step by step to optimize the computer performance that comes with the pictures:

The step by step are as follows:

  • Through your desktop screen, right-click on the My Computer icon, Or it can be through Windows Explorer, right click on My Computer
  • In the right click of My Computer, please select Properties
optimize pc performance

My computer

  • Click Advanced system settings
optimize pc performace

Windows Properties

  • The System Properties window appears, then select the Advanced tab
  • Click Settings Button …
optimize pc performance

Windows Settings

  • The System Properties window appears on the Visual Effects tab, there are at least four options.
  • Select and click Adjust for best performance
optimize pc performance

default performace

optimize pc perfromance

Best performance

  • Click apply
  • Click Ok

Wait a minute, to see the results.

After the above steps are completed, and please try to feel the new computer performance of your PC or computer directly with the best pc performance.

You can customize settings on your PC’s performance in step six by selecting Custom in Visual Effects settings. It’s not easy way to manage your PC’s performance with the best performance pc, without using any software.

You can also do other tricks to make your computer performance better, for example by adding or upgrading RAM computer. A requirement for upgrading RAM is available for more than one RAM slot.

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