25 04, 2018

Most Keyboard Shortcuts Computer for Everyday Use

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Using keyboard shortcuts when in front computer will be much more efficient, save time and also energy then by using the manual that is using the mouse. Imagine, using keyboard shortcuts and you can save 1 step, and make each day in front of the computer with the same job. Then you will save much [...]

24 04, 2018

List of All mIRC Commands in Internet Relay Chat

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Have you known all mIRC commands? For mIRC User's, I'm sure you already know some simple commands from the mIRC program. And maybe even among you already know and memorize up to dozens of mIRC commands. This is probably because of the frequent use of the mIRC internet relay chat program. What is mIRC? mIRC [...]

24 04, 2018

Fast Access to All Windows Properties Using RUN Commands

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Understanding about Run Commands. Run Applications on Windows intended for Program or Applications using Commands or Comments. Next Run on this discussion we called as RUN commands. Because with these tools can be used to open or call all features programs or applications that exist on the Windows computer. Well, after this we will give [...]

19 04, 2018

Displays Message at Windows Startup When Computer Start

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Why we need to display an message at Windows startup when computer start or turn on? When first knocking on the door and visiting, it will feel different when we get a welcome greeting, welcome in and / or another greeting. Likewise on your computer. You can display any message you like when the computer [...]

18 04, 2018

Perfect Setting, Disable Wallpaper Change on Windows

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Wallpaper change is a change of wallpaper view on your monitor screen. Wallpaper on your computer can be set as you wish. Well, on this occasion will discuss about how to disable Wallpaper change on Windows operating system. On the demonstration how to disable Windows Wallpaper Change below using Windows 8. However, the following trick [...]

18 04, 2018

Crypto Currency Converter, Convert Hundreds Crypt Currencies

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Crypto Currency Converter is a Web-based application and also an Android-based app that allows you to Convert hundreds of Crypt Currencies into currencies from all over the world instantly. Web-based applications from Crypt currency converter you can access on the following page crypt currencies converter. While Crypt Currency converter application based on android you can [...]

16 04, 2018

Very Fast and Easy Way to Check your Windows Version

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What is Windows Version? What version of Windows do you have?. How to check it? Information about the version of windows you use can be useful for certain purposes. From Information about this version of Windows you will get some important information such as: Windows version used on computer or laptop. Year of manufacture and [...]

11 04, 2018

Super and Perfect Way to Convert MKV to MP4 Videos

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How to convert MKV to MP4 video? MKV or (Matroska Video) is a type of audio video file that can store many and unlimited number of video, audio, images, track subtitle only in a file. Actually video with MKV type has a concept that is almost the same as the AVI video format, MP4,3GP, FLV [...]

9 04, 2018

Easily, Quickly Change Drive Letter Name in Windows

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What is a drive letter name on a computer hard disk? Drive letter can be interpreted as alphabet of the hard disk drive on your commuter. There are many Drive that we already know, which can be Hard disk Drive (HDD), USB Flash disk, Diskette, Memory. Drive letter name is a sign used to distinguish [...]

7 04, 2018

Perfect 3 Ways to Rename Drive Name on Windows

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Drive name (hard drive) that exist on your computer you can change the name in accordance with your wishes. How to rename drive name on Windows?. Drive names can be changed and adjust according to a specific desire. For example, the name of the drive is changed based on the contents of the file in [...]