Pain in breast; Five Cause of breast pain

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Pain in breast; Five Cause of breast pain

The statistic of pain in breast, Almost 70% of women in the world have had breast complaints of pain. This condition often makes women worry, because it is often touted as a symptom of breast cancer.

Calm down, not to worry. Breast pain is not a common symptom in breast cancer. Because lumps due to breast cancer do not cause pain at all.

In order not to be more mistaken, this is the five most common causes of breast pain:

Five cause pain in breast

Hormonal disorders

pain in breast

pain in breast

More than 50% of cases of breast pain are caused by changes in the hormones estrogen and progesterone. It is characterized by breast pain a few days before menstruation.

The pain is usually felt on the breast side, even under the armpits. If this is the case, you need not worry. Because this condition occurs normally.

Fibrocystic disease

The disease is characterized by a lump in the breast, which feels enlarged and become pain before menstruation. But when menstruation ends, the bumps shrink and the pain disappears. As with breast cysts, the disease is also harmless.

Drug side effects

Side effects of certain medications can cause breast pain. Some of these drugs, such as: drugs to treat fertility disorders, hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women, hormonal contraceptives, sedatives, and some types of anti-hypertensive drugs.


Mastitis is an infection of the breast. This disease usually occurs in breastfeeding mothers due to breast milk ‘accumulate’ in the breast, causing inflammation of the breast tissue.

It’s characterized by breast pain, looks red and swollen, can also be accompanied by fever. This breast infection needs to be treated with antibiotics. In addition, breast milk should be removed from the breast as optimal as possible.

Breast cysts

Breast cyst is a harmless condition, which occurs due to accumulation of fluid in the breast gland. This condition is characterized by a lump in the breast that feels pain before menstruation. To ensure the presence of a cyst, you need to bring yourself to a doctor for breast and ultrasound examination

Most cases of breast pain do not require special handling. But if you have breast complaints of pain that is not clear the cause, do not hesitate to immediately see a doctor.

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