How to Quickly Remove the Pregnancy Stretch Marks

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How to Quickly Remove the Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Stretch marks or wrinkles on the skin is a problem for pregnant women. Symptoms of this stretch mark symptoms will appear at the age of pregnancy begin stepping on the third trimester or 7 months of pregnancy and above. But actually what is stretch mark? Some people do not really understand what is meant by this stretch mark.

Stretch marks are streaks or lines on the skin located on the body parts where the fat is concentrated. The contents of this stroke lies in the upper abdomen, upper arms, thighs, buttocks, and some parts of the body that is often a place to collect fat. In this stroke setting it is red or purple but can turn white or gray according to one’s skin color. But it turns out this condition can also occur in obese people, not pregnant, both men and women.

The cause of stretch marks stretch marks

stretch marks

You need to know that not all pregnant women have stretch marks. But 90% of pregnant women have this one problem. Some of the causes of the occurrence of stretch marks are:

Body development is not in accordance with skin elasticity

Another cause of stretch marks is the development of the body faster than the elasticity of the skin. Fast weight gain will then also come with skin stretching. This makes the middle layer of skin or dermis layer will be thinning so that the underlying skin layer will rise to the top. That’s why pregnant women are prone to stretch marks because they will gain weight during pregnancy. In addition to pregnant women, stretch marks also appear at the age of puberty, which is between 14-18 years. At this time the body will usually arise so the emergence of strokes in certain parts.

insufficient of protein or collagen in the skin

The first cause. Stretch marks are due to skin deficiency of protein or collagen substances. Those affected by this stretch mark are people whose skin contains only a small amount of collagen or protein, causing the skin to become loose.

Use of certain drugs

There are several types of drugs that cause stretch marks stretch marks, and one type of corticosteroid drug. That’s because the impact of this drug such as hormone cortisol. Corticosteroids are creams that are commonly used for the treatment of skin diseases, such as eczema.

Health condition

Some health conditions, such as Marfan syndrome and Cushing. Marfan syndrome is a disorder of the genes that are on tissue tissue, while cushing is a condition in which the body will produce hormones cortisol in large numbers or excessive.

Genetic factors

Whether or not genetics or genetically inherited factors can be recognized can cause stretch marks. So if one of your own conditions on this one, then do not be surprised if you are also stretch marks.

The above factors occur to be the cause of stretch marks in women. Of the many factors, some can be prevented and other parts are inevitable, such as genetic or hereditary factors. This is one of the inevitable stretch mark factors.

How to Eliminate and remove Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a skin condition that occurs in a person’s confidence. But you do not need to worry because in this paper will be explained on how to remove stretch marks quickly.There are many beauty products that are stretch marks remover, namely:

Consumption of sufficient water

At least the body needs white air between 8-10 glasses per day. The amount should be sufficient because the lack of water will cause various health problems, one of which is the decline in skin elasticity. With sufficient water needs, then the skin elasticity will be maintained so that stretch marks will disappear by itself.


Not only tasty, chocolate also has the property as a stretch marks remover. How to use it is to make a paste of fresh brown powder is still original. Then, apply the paste on your stretch marks after each bath. This way 2 times for 2 months in a row and feel the result.

Beauty products

Some products that are being used as stretch marks remover are lotions, creams, and jels.

  • Cream: Another product you can use is cream. The function of this cream is to disguise stretch marks on your skin to avoid being seen. for that cream to work properly, then choose a cream that matches your skin color. The advantages of this cream is to survive in a few days, even when exposed to water, this cream will not fade.
  • Tretinoin cream: This is a special cream used to remove stretch marks on the skin. This cream contains avita, renova, and Retin-A which can help disguise strokes on your skin.
  • Lotion: If you use a stretch marks removal lotion, then use the lotion when the skin is still reddish color because if not then the lotion you apply will not have much effect.
  • Gels: Furthermore, other beauty products that are often used as a stretch mark remover is a jelly. In general, the stretch marks removal gel is made from hyaluronic acid extract and onion. Both of these ingredients do have excellent antioxidants to nourish the skin, as well as removal of streaks on the skin.
  • Retinoids: As already mentioned at the beginning that one of the causes of the emergence of stretch marks is due to skin shortage of collagen. To fix this, you can use retinoids as a stimulator for collagen production in the skin. But you should remember that the use of this retinoid is dose so that it requires a doctor’s prescription in its use


There are several therapies that are often used to remove stretch marks, namely:

  • Microderm abrasion: This therapy is done by applying special crystals that can remove the stretch marks on the skin. This is a pretty good way because it not only eliminates newly formed strokes, but this microderm abrasion therapy can overcome long stretch marks.
  • Laser treatment: The way this therapy works is when the laser beam is exposed to the skin then the blood vessels under the layer of stretch marks will absorb the energy of the laser beam so that stretch marks change color to white or not visible. This therapy can not completely remove stretch marks but only help disguise them.


Some people do fat removal surgery to remove stretch marks on their body. By raising the fat in the upper abdomen, upper arm, thighs, buttocks, and places where the fat is concentrated, the stretch mark automatically disappears by itself. Although this is an effective way but rarely are people using it. That’s because to perform beauty surgery, one must pay a fairly expensive cost so this way is less recommended.


Another way that you can use to remove stretch marks is by using beans coffee. How to make a paste from the original coffee beans that have not been mixed with any ingredients. After that apply on the strokes on your skin. do this every day until your stretch marks are completely lost.

That is some tips on how to quickly get rid and remove pregnancy stretch marks. May be useful.

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