How to Print Multiple Photos on One Sheet Using Photoshop

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How to Print Multiple Photos on One Sheet Using Photoshop

Print multiple photos on a single sheet of paper on a Adobe Photoshop can be done quickly and easily. In this trick, we will be demonstrating how to print multiple photos on a single sheet of paper using Adobe Photoshop CS.

In demonstration below, we will printing multiples photos use Adobe Photoshop CC. With the trick of printing multiple photos on one sheet of paper, then you will get some benefits. Some of these advantages include:

  • Save paper
  • Save time, because you do not need to set the layout of many photos on a single sheet of paper. This you can do automatically by Adobe Photoshop.
  • Print many photos easily and quickly.

Step by step to print multiple photos in Photoshop

To print multiple photos in Photoshop, follow the steps below:

  • File > Automate > Contact Sheet ll.. It will appears the dialog box as shown below.
automate options

automate options

  • In the use box select one of the following options.
contact sheet II

contact sheet II

Files, click this option to select the images to be printed.

Folder, click this option to print the entire image located in a folder.

  • For example click the Files option.
browse files

broowse files

  • Click the Browse button to locate the files to be printed by displaying the open dialog box, then click photos Files will be in print. Then click OK.
choose photos

choose photos

  • On the Document, determine the size of the paper to place the files you selected in step 3
  • On the Thumbnails, determine the number of image files horizontally in the columns box, for example 3 and the number of vertices on the Rows box, for example 5.
  • Click the OK button wait a while until the Contact Sheet ll process is finished with the result of a new document, for example like the following picture.
configurations and settings

configurations and settings

  • After process Contact Sheet ll finished
print multiple photos

photos arrangements

  • File > Print

That’s tips and tricks how to print many photos on a piece of paper using Adobe Photoshop software. good luck

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