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Protect Word Document using Password, Restrict Encrypt

At a glance about Protect Word Document. The security of an important document is an absolute matter, whether a word document, excel, picture. Here are tips and tricks how to protect document word using document protect features from Microsoft Office.

At this trick and tips in protecting word document doesn’t using any software. Word document protection tips this time only take advantage of features of Microsoft Office Word.

At this demonstration, we use Microsoft Office 2016. Some security features of Word documents that are housed in Office 2016 are as follows.

These are the protect word document features in Microsoft Office Word (Word 2016)

  • Mark as Final: the meaning is that when the created document is secured with Mark as Final, then when opening the document you will notice that the document you created is final document and the reader can only read. Users can edit when the user press the Edit Anyway button.
protect word document

Document protect

read only document

Read Only Document

  • Encrypt with Password: This feature will make your document protected or encrypted with password. So only those who know the password of the document can open and after the document open by entering the password, then can view and edit the document.
  • Restrict Editing: This is a safer document security level. Where the document maker creates the settings by limiting other users for document formatting.
  • Restrict Access: security level of documents more secure than Restrict Editing. Where we must connect to Right Management Servers and get templates to use this feature.
  • Add a Digital Signature; protect document security by adding a digital signature connected to a Microsoft Account

The following are the step by step to enable Protect Word document features in Microsoft Word

  • Open your Microsoft Word Application.
  • Open one of the documents you created.
  • Click the File menu
  • In the right pane. Select the Protect Document button
  • Click on the drop down list
  • Select one of the document protect feature types that you want.
protect word document

Document protect

Note: On one document you can use one or all of the document protect features above.

In the demonstration example above, we use Microsoft Office Word 2016. With this trick, your document will be safe from editing by others.

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