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Puzzle Game; Match3 Jewels with Petra Jordan

match 3 jewels

match 3 jewels

This is an android puzzle game for your rest time. The name of this puzzles game is Match3 Jewels. This is a a perfect game interface, with sound, effects, gameplay, full map, full design, full animation, for such a full sound. There are many more of bombs, animation and some effects when you are match the jewels. More than 3 jewels you can match you can get a more of extra bonus and also bombs

Match 3 Jewels; Petra Jordan on every square to destroy all the squares under the jewels of petra Jordan stone. Then a magic jewels petra stone will appear. Let the jewels petra stone  fall off the board to win.

Sometimes, you will get a bonus in the form of jewels bombs to destroy the equal jewel and open the way to get to the next level. There are much more bonus like bombs in this matching 3 jewels game.

On every level, you can get up to 30 up to 50 point, according to the destroyed and matching of the jewels. Much more match of jewels you will get more point. Next world and the next level unlocks, when you reach some point according to the target on the score board in the previous world.

This game is fun, make matches of 3 jewels of petra stone to destroy all the squares under the jewe

match 3 jewels

match 3 jewels

l petra stone, which will help you complete the level.

Some of key Features of this puzzle game are:

– 298 levels.
– 2 play modes (Arcade & Classic)
– 3 World level
– Match 4 or 5 jewels to get bomb the jewels petra stone and you will get much more point.
– 7 diamond (jewel) types and many beautiful effects.
– Match 4 and 5 jewels and get a special jewel crusher and bombs
– Get free bombs to destroy all equal jewels
– Boosters and charms to help with those challenging levels
– Beautiful & sharp graphic, funny sound effects.
– Increase time with ’time diamond’.

How to play this matching 3 jewels? Combine to create new powerful explosion jewels: boom, get score in horizontal or vertical line, score all jewels with the same color.

Match 3 Jewels: Petra Jordan is a sensational match-3 game for Android presented by Dima Andrew Game. In this match3 game the dragons have stolen all the jewels. Your task is to collect as many jewels, diamonds, rubies, crystals and gemstones as possible.

The whole game is completely free. No option to buy anything. Download and play the game from Google Play store.

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