Easy, fast: Automatic Ranking with Rank Formula in Excel

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Easy, fast: Automatic Ranking with Rank Formula in Excel

Easy way to create and determine Ranking with rank formula in excel. Along with the development of information technology so rapidly. Thus, we are also required to follow the progress in the field of information and technology so as not to stutter the technology. As teachers or teachers, their task is not only in the process of teaching and learning, but they should also master the advanced technology so that by mastering the technology especially in the field of computers can further facilitate them in completing the job well and faster and efficient. One of them is computer science and especially Microsoft Office applications, either Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint.

In Creating Student Results Reports, it would be easier to use Microsoft Excel with the “SUM” function to find out the number, “AVERAGE” looking for averages, “MAX” for the highest value and “MIN” for the lowest value. However, constrained when determining the ranking or ranking of a child with another child. I was forced to count them one-by-one manually, until in the end (out of boredom) I tried to find an easier way that actually exists in Microsoft Excel; namely the “RANK formula” function.

Well, here is how Easy to create and determine Ranking with rank formula in Microsoft Excel. Incidentally on the occasion of this demonstration, we use Microsoft Excel 2016.

Step by step how to create and rank with rank formula in excel are as follows:

  • Open your Microsoft Excel
  • Create an excel document that contains all the value data of each subject.
  • Determine the number of values ​​of all the values ​​you have input. The sum of these values ​​will serve as the basis for creating and ranking. To add up all values ​​you can use the formula “SUM”. In the above document example the number of values ​​can be determined by the formula = SUM (C6:J6). Then drag / drag down until the last student.
  • You can also create and rank based on the average score of all tested exams. the average value using the formula “AVERAGE” ie; (for example) = AVERAGE (C6:J6) because the per-student subject value is in the column. Then drag / drag down until the last student.
  • Continue on the Rank in Excel formula. In the following example of Excel Rank formula, we are guided by the total value (at point 3). In the example as shown above it is found in lines K6 to K21. The input for the first student ranking is located in cell K6; here I click and enter the formula = RANK (K6, $K$6: $K$21) with the addition of $ (absolute) sign to keep the value consistent and adjust when pulled down. Then drag to the end of the student.
rank formula

rank formula in excel

Easy is not how to create and determine Ranking by using rank formula in excel. With the Rank Ranking tool on this excel, it will simplify and speed up your work when compared to manually counting to rank or rank.

In addition, the following are the most commonly used formulas for the processing of a learning result by a teacher.

  • Determine the amount with the formula “SUM”, complete formula= SUM (Cell1: Cell3)
  • Determining the average value of any number of values ​​with the formula “AVERAGE”, complete formula = AVERAGE (Cell1: Cell3)
  • Determine the highest value with formula “MAX”, complete formula = MAX (Cell1:Cell3)
  • Determine the lowest value with the formula “MIN”, complete formula = MIN (Cell1:Cell3
  • Determining the rankings with the formula “RANK”, complete formula = RANK (Cell1:Cell3) (may change when referring to other references and logical);

So a few simple tips in creating and ranking automatically by using rank formula in excel. Hopefully can help

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