Remote Computer from Home using Remote Control Computer

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Remote Computer from Home using Remote Control Computer

Is it possible to remote computer from anywhere and anytime? Are you a day-to-day computer worker? At one time you may not be able to go to your office for a certain thing such as illness, eczema weather, there is a need. Then you can control and use the computer in your office without having to go to the office by remote computer.

How to remote computer from anywhere and anytime?

You can remotely your computer from home or from wherever you are by using your desktop computer or laptop even with android device easily without having to directly face to face with the office computer.

To be able to remote computer, you can use computer remote control software. Well, on this occasion, we will share tips on how to remote control computer, laptop or android device using computer remote control software.

There are many computer remote control software, but in this session we will be demonstrating how to remote remote computer by using Team Viewer Remote Control computer. Team Viewer computer remote control software is support for remote control either computer, laptop or android devices.

Preparation step

Here is requirements list that you should prepare and getting full access to remote your computer, laptop and android device.

1. Team Viewer Remote Control Windows ntuk Windows Computer or Team Viewer Android version for android device

2. Internet connection

Step by step to remote computer anywhere, anytime

  • Download and Install Team Viewer for remote control either on Computer / android that will you remote
  • Run the Team Viewer app
  • Look and write down the ID and password of the computer you want to remotely. You can change the password in the team viewer by clicking the reload button on the password field

remote computer client

  • From home, you can use computer or android.
  • Install Team Viewer on your home computer, laptop, android
  • Run Team Viewer
  • Look in the right panel (Control Remote Computer)
  • Enter ID computer, that shown on the computer that will be on the remote (on the step number 3)

remote control computer

  • Enter the password

computer remote

  • Your remotely computer are opened

computer control

connect remote

  • Done

After you successfully log into the computer, then you can freely control the existing computer in the office or android are left behind at home. Congratulations you can remote your computer and android in anywhere and anythime whenever you are.

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