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Resize Multiple Images in Single Processing

Do you want to resize (reduce and enlarge) an hundreds images or may be thousands images rapidly, quickly and easily? Don’t worry, you can do this perform by just in one or two step by a little tip and trick below how to resize multiple images or picture in just one or two step rapidly.

The resize of the images, has a two meaning, that is

  1. Resize image to reduce the size of images, it’s meaning you will get size of image file will be more little, and the resolution of images file will also more little.
  2. Resize images to enlarge the size and resolution of images file. This option will make the images file will become more big size and more big resolution.

In this article, will describe you how to resize all picture with multiple and many much photos, images, pictures in one single processing. In this tip, we will use one of the graphics or image editing software, that named ACDSee Photo Manager.

This image graphics or image editing software is very helpful for editing images, photo. With this software you can adding text to the picture, editing for picture brightness, editing in exposure, editing image in shadows/Highlights, red eye reduction, sharpness, photo repair, rotate photo, cropping, creating effects, and of course to resize any photos, images or pictures.

How to Resize Multiple images in single processing?

Direct to the main of this topic, that is how to resize multiple images in single processing. Below are some of requirements for perform Resize Multiple Images in one single process:

  1. Graphics or image editing software, in this tips we use ACDSee 10 Photo Manager
  2. Windows Operating System
  3. Some of Images, Photos or Pictures in your storage media

Step by step how to resize multiple images in one processing:

  • Install ACDSee Photo Manager
  • Run your ACDSee Photo Manager
  • Browse your pictures using ACDSee Photo Manager
acdsee resize multiple

acdsee Browse images

  • Select All your pictures from menu Edit > Select All or press from your keyboard CTRL + A:
Select all images

Select all images

  • From the toolbar menu, click Batch resize images button
batch resize images

batch resize images

  • Appears window that showing to you to choose the settings for the resize operation. Just choose as your desire.
option batch resize images

option batch resize images

There are three option: Percentage of original, size in pixel, Actual/Print size

  1. After configuration option to resize your images, just click on Start Resize button.
  2. Please wait until resize images are done.
  3. Finish, the new images file will be added on the source folder of your images.

Tips: to reduce the size and resolution of your images and pictures, on the option of resize above (step number 6), just write a lower number compared with the size of source images file. Otherwise, if you want to resize file for creating the new images with enlarge size, you just write a more big number compared with the size of source images file.

Beware, if you want to resize in meaning to enlarge an image, but the resources images are in low resolution, the output result will more looks Blurred.

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