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Restart Computer using Run Command on Windows

There are various ways to restart computer, but on this occasion we will share tips on how to restart the computer by using RUN command.

The Run command on Windows is commonly used as a shortcut to speed up access to a particular feature. The Run command itself is a built-in windows program that we can access by pressing the Windows + R key combination or it can be directly through the Start menu in the lower left corner of the screen.

Why we use Run Command to restart Computer

As explained above, the run command will be able to quickly access a feature, such as opening an app, program, folder, and others quickly including a quick restart of the computer.

Tips on how to Restart Computer with Run Command

To restart the computer quickly and easily using the RUN command, follow these easy and quick steps below:

  • Open the RUN window, press the Start + R key combination on the keyboard.
  • RUN window appears
  • Type in the RUN box ” shutdown -r -f -t 0 ” without quotation marks. See the picture for more details
restart computer

run command

  • Press Enter or click OK
  • See the results

Caution: with the Run command above, it will immediately restart or reboot your computer. So before doing the above command, it would be nice to save all your work first.

By using the tips to restart the computer using RUN command, then you will work more quickly and easily to restart the computer without having to use the click command with the mouse.

Tips on other ways to unlock RUN Command

In addition to using the Start + R key combination on the keyboard, you can also open the RUN Command window, through the Start Menu, the way is as follows:

run command

  • Click the Start button
  • Type in the search programs and files box “run” without quotation marks
  • choose and Click RUN

The trick about restart computer using run command above, we have tried and testing on Windows 7 operating system. However, these tips you can use on other versions of Windows. Good luck.

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