Fast Access to All Windows Properties Using RUN Commands

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Fast Access to All Windows Properties Using RUN Commands

Understanding about Run Commands. Run Applications on Windows intended for Program or Applications using Commands or Comments. Next Run on this discussion we called as RUN commands. Because with these tools can be used to open or call all features programs or applications that exist on the Windows computer.

Well, after this we will give tips and tricks how to use the RUN commands to open, calling almost any properties (application tools), all main Windows Features that exist on the Windows operating system.

There are some ways to open the Run commands. Beginning from using the Start menu, using search tools, and other ways. However, we think the fastest way to open the RUN commands is using the Windows Shortcuts keyboard, which is as follows:

Start + R Button on the keyboard simultaneously.

open coreldraw

Start + R

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With a quick step, the RUN command will open immediately. And then you can use it to open all the features, applications, main tools that exist in Windows itself and other applications installed on the computer.

The combined commands is as follows:

  • Open the RUN command app
  • Enter certain commands according to their usability and function in the explanation below.
run commands open microsoft word

For Example of RUN commands to open Ms Word

For more details, here is a collection of Direct RUN commands to unlock the full features or main tool of Windows Applications:

Bidding List on RUN Commands:

  • Cmd: Opens a command prompt
  • msconfig – System Configuration Utility
  • regedit – Registry Editor
  • gpedit.msc – Group Policy
  • winver _ Display the current version of windows
  • compmgmt.msc – Computer management
  • devmgmt.msc – Device manager
  • diskmgmt.msc – Disk Management
  • dfrg.msc – Disk Defrag
  • sysedit _ Edit System
  • eventvwr.msc – Event viewer
  • fsmgmt.msc – Shared folder
  • lusrmgr.msc – Local users and groups
  • perfmon.msc – Performance Monitor
  • rsop.msc – The set of generated policies
  • secpol.msc – Local security settings
  • services.msc – Various Services
  • msinfo32 _ System Information
  • win.ini _ windows load information (also system.ini)
  • mailto: _ Open the default email client

How to Run Commands that are specifically used to access the control panel are as follows:

  • appwiz.cpl: Add / Remove Programs controls
  • timedate.cpl: Date / Time Properties Control
  • desk.cpl: Display Property Control
  • findfast.cpl: FindFast controls
  • Fonts: Control Fonts folder
  • inetcpl.cpl: Internet Property Control
  • main.cpl: Keyboard Properties Control
  • main.cpl: Keyboard Mouse Properties Control
  • mmsys.cpl: Multimedia Property Control
  • netcpl.cpl: Network Property Control
  • password.cpl: Control Property Password
  • printer: Control Folder printer
  • mmsys.cpl: Voice Control Property
  • sysdm.cpl: sounds System Properties control

Thus various command combinations on RUN Commands to unlock all the features, applications or main tools that exist on the Windows operating system and programs or software on your computer.

By running the RUN command in Windows, you will be able to work more quickly and appropriately in running the main features as well as all of the applications installed on Windows. May be useful

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