Tips and Tricks how to save electricity at home

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Tips and Tricks how to save electricity at home

To the point, here we submit tips and tricks how to save electricity at home. This tips and tricks below aims to save the use of electricity at home that will ultimately be able to save your electricity expenses at home.

How to save electricity at home?

Use of Electricity in general

  • Turn off all lights and electronic equipment when not needed
  • Do not leave electronic devices in a stand-by state. they still consume electricity!
  • Heating water to make coffee or tea? as necessary.
  • Need to buy a washing machine, refrigerator, dishwasher, or oven, choose the most energy-efficient model you can buy
  • Turn on the electric water heater for a shower shortly before use and immediately turn it off when not in use again
save electricity at home


  • Clean the vacuum cleaner filter. Clogged filters cause the motor to work heavier so that it uses more electricity
  • Install solar heaters on the roof of the house. make your home become
    source of energy!
  • Choose the right lamp: power and size as needed. optimal utilization of natural light. lamps and house lamps are always kept clean
  • Replace the lights you use with energy saving lamps. these lamps use 80% less energy and are 10 to 10 times longer than regular lights. the price is more expensive, but you can save electricity costs.
  • Adjust the number of points and power (watts). using multiple points of light with low power will be more energy efficient and good for eye conditions than using 1 point with great power.

Use of refrigerator

  • Refrigerator door should be closed tightly and only opened as necessary
  • Do not insert hot food and drink into the refrigerator
  • Keep refrigerators away from heat sources
  • Just fill in the fridge
  • Clean the condenser regularly.

Use of ac (air conditioning)

  • Turn off ac when room is not used
  • Adjust the ac temperature as needed (preferably no colder 5 degrees than outside temperature), because the cooler the temperature the more electrical energy required
  • Avoid outside air leaks
  • Use the timer switch to adjust the usage as machine needed

Use of electric washing machine

  • Use a washing machine only when the laundry is plenty
  • Use washing machine according to capacity, water contents as directed
  • Avoid the use of an electric dryer, use solar heat for drying naturally.

use of electric irons

  • Clean the bottom of the iron from the crust / dirt
  • Use automatic iron because it is more efficient power
  • Adjust the electric iron, according to the required heat level.

Use of water pump machine

  • Use a water pump to fill the water reservoir, not to distribute water
  • Use the automatic water container so that the electric current will be cut off / the pump stops working if the tub is full
  • Use water if sparingly and prevent water leakage on faucets or pipes.

Hopefully these tips about how to save electricity at home may be useful. Also Read : How to Save Fuel to Keep Your Vehicle Alive

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