How to Save Fuel to Keep Your Vehicle Alive

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How to Save Fuel to Keep Your Vehicle Alive

Save fuel is important for keep alive your vehicle both motor or car. How to save fuel your vehicle survive? Relax, here we will share tips and also tricks to you to save fuel.

Tips and tricks how to save fuel

Read carefully the tips and tricks below on how to save fuel both for your motor and also for your car.

  • Reduce fuel consumption by reducing the use of yours cars / motorcycles.
  • For short distance, use non-motorized vehicles (such as bicycles) or on foot for a short distance. besides saving energy, it will make you fit!
  • Use public transport for long trips. public transport is the best way to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from vehicles.
  • If you have to use a car / motorcycle, try to share with those who travel direction (car pooling).
  • If you must have a private vehicle, choose a fuel-efficient use of a clean fuel type (such as pertamax, bbg, bio-diesel, and 4-stroke gasoline).
  • Propose to the local government to provide public transportation that is fast, convenient, and economical.
  • Avoid traveling by plane when the distance is less than 500 km
  • If you have to use the car, note the following:
save fuel

Motor Trip

  1. Turn off the car when waiting for more than 30 seconds
  2. Check the tire pressure of the car, because if the pressure less than 0.5 bar than normal will increase fuel usage by 5%
  3. Try not to heat the car in a stop position. the car will heat faster when driven, so you will save fuel
  4. Lower the luggage if you do not need it anymore, because 100 kilos load will increase the use of 1 liter more fuel within 100 km
  5. Make sure your vehicle is fuel efficient
  6. better yet if the vehicles used use fuels that are more environmentally friendly, like bbg.
  7. Try to reduce the mileage of your vehicle trip every week. for example, use a shared shuttle to the office or to the school.

By saving your motor fuel or your car, you have saved energy that automatically saves money. In addition, you have also reduced air pollution caused by emissions from fuel.


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