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Scan document using Epson L220 Scanner

There are many way how to scan document, including how to scan a document using Epson L220 Printer and scanner. The Epson L220 printer series is a printer device from the Epson company. This Epson printer starts in 2015, more faster than the previous, and built-in CISS system, multi-function printer that can be used for document printing activities and also can be used to scan a documents, pictures, photos and others documents .

At this time we will explain to you step by step to scan a documents, photos, pictures or other documents using Epson L220 printer and scanner.

There are several ways to scan documents on Epson L220 printer, that is:

Using the built-in software application from Epson L220 driver
Using other application software such as CorelDraw, ArcSoft Photostudio, Abby FinedReader, Adobe Photoshop and others that available and built in with scanner driver

However, on this occasion, it will only describe on how to scan document using Epson’s built-in software EPSON Scan

To be able to perform scan document using the Epson L220 Printer by using the built-in Epson Scan Software from the Driver CD, you can perform and do the following steps:

Preparation steps to Scan Document:

  • Install all Printer drivers from Epson L220. Both the printer device driver and the driver for device scanner.
  • Computers or laptops as storage media for storage the scan results
  • Connect the Epson L220 Printer USB cable to the computer you are using
  • Prepare Documents to be scanned on Epson L220 printer

Step by step to scan a document on Epson L220 printer from the computer

After all of the steps above are done, then you are ready go to the next step:

  • Place the documents, photos, images you want to scan on the Scan device. That is by opening the printer cover and place it on the Epson L220 device Scanner
  • Open EPSON Scan via Start Menu or Desktop Icon

scan document epson l220

  • The EPSON Scan software are opened. (Default view)
  • Select the Professional Mode view to configure view, preview, and other settings related to output or results of the scan document.

how to scan a document

  • Display Professional Mode

how to scan a document

  • Just click on the Previews to see the display results first before doing a scan
  • Do the selection, to determine the boundaries of documents or images that are scanned

how to scan a document

  • Configure to make arrangements as you like

how to scan a document

  • That is being seen in the picture. That is setting the storage location, file name, etc.
  • After the settings are complete
  • Click the Scan button

how to scan a document

After the scanning process is complete, it will appear a folder window where the storage of documents that have been scanned. Then it’s up to you. You can do anything with the result of scan document, for example to edit it using other software according to your desire, you can send the file by using email, and for other purposes. Good luck

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