Fast Scan Document to PDF Files using Epson Scanner

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Fast Scan Document to PDF Files using Epson Scanner

Welcome and visit on Dimlog blog. Scan document you can do yourself easily by using a scanner device. The latest technology in the scanner field is now included in the printer device. Or often called All in one printer device . The All in one printer has multi function as follows: function as printing, function as document scanner, function as fax, and others.

Well, on this occasion, we will discuss about how to scan the document into a PDF file using Epson Scanner printer. Please note that the document scans using Epson printer devices can be stored in JPG, JPEG, bmp, tif, and also into PDF files.

How to scan document to PDF files?

Before you scan document into PDF files using Epson Scanner printer, some things you need to prepare are as follows:

Once all of the above devices are ready, next is follow the steps below to scan the document into PDF file quickly:

  • Turn on your computer and Epson scanner printers
  • Make sure the USB cable of the printer is connected to the computer
  • Take the document you want to scan
  • Insert the document into the scanner device
  • Run the Epson Scan app
  • Choose Professional Mode (up to your choice)
  • Click Preview Button
  • Then click on the Scan Button
epson scan software

epson scan software

  • Select the output file with type .PDF
  • OK
choose pdf files output

choose pdf files output

  • Progress scanning documents
progress scan dcumtns

progress scanning dcumtns

  • Add page / Edit page / Save File
scan document result

the result

  • Done

How to scan a document into a pdf files above is a practical way of creating pdf files from a document scan. The pdf document is a current popular document used to send application files online. Either an online job application file, or other files uploaded online

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