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Screenshot Windows: With Intellegens Screen Grab Windows 8

How to screenshot on windows 8? Here, dimlog tips and trick will share tips on how to screenshot Windows with Intellegens screen grab (screengrabs) feature of Windows 8.

With intellegens screengrabs feature on windows 8, we can quickly catch it quickly and save it automatically on the computer.

If you are looking at something interesting on the monitor screen and you want to record it quickly and instantly save it, we can do it easily on Windows 8.

How to Screenshot Windows using screen grab and automatically saved?

Steps screenshot of windows 8 with screen grab is very easy and all computer users both new users and experts. Check out the way below which comes with images

  • Focus on your keyboard
  • Press the Windows logo button + PrtSc (Start + PrtSc)
screenshot windows screen grab


  • File Screenshots will be saved automatically in My Pictures Folder> Screenshots
screenshots ouput folder

ouput folder

Note: there are many versions of the keyboard, so make sure the keyboard you use there is available the PrtSC (Print Scrn) button.

In the above tips, we use Windows 8 Operating System to demonstrate Screenshot Windows tricks with screen grab feature. The trick above, may also be implemented on Windows 10 operating system and latest windows Version.

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