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Solved The Selected Disk is of the GPT Partition Style

Once, when I installed Windows 7, 8 and 10 on the computer the message came up: Windows can not be installed to this disk. The GPT partition style. The complete message is as follows: Windows Can not be Installed to This Disk The Selected Disk is of the GPT Partition Style. What and why does this happen and how to solve it?

This incident started, at first the computer has been installed Windows 8, then the next we format it and try to install the computer with Windows Server 2012. After a while, we changed our mind and we want to re-install Windows 8 and Error message that Windows 8 can not installed because GPT partition style.

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How to Solved: The Selected Disk is the GPT Partition Style?

To solved and fix the failed install due to GPT partitions Style problem, then the easiest solution is to make USB Bootable Windows by using Rufus application. Rufus is a software that can create bootable USB drives the easy way. With Rufus you can create Windows or Linux Bootable USB Flash Drive and support to:

  • Automatically convert GPT to MBR partitions
  • Automatically convert from MBR to GPT partition.

By using this Rufus app, you have created Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 Bootable USB Flash Drive that support GPT and MBR partitions.

Here are the steps to create Windows USB Flash Drive support GPT and MBR with Rufus.

  • Download the Rufus app from Rufus
  • Install the USB Flash Disk on a normal computer system.
  • Open the Rufus app

Make settings like in the following picture:

gpt partition style

Rufus Setup

  • Device: Select your USB Flash Drive
  • Partition Scheme and Target System Type: Select GPT Scheme for UEFI
  • File System: Default (If not detected can replace using NTFS)
  • Cluster Size: Default
  • New volume label: up to you
  • Click Disk Image next to ISO Image: Select Windows OS.ISO
  • For other settings, equate as shown in above picture
  • Click Start and the process of mounting to USB is beginning
gpt partition style

Create USB Bootable Flash Drive

Wait until the process of making Windows Bootable USB Flash Drive completed

After the process is complete, use Windows USB Bootable to install Windows on the computer that experienced error install because GPT partition.

This tool can also be implemented to create Linux Bootable USB Flash Drive. good luck

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