Easy and Quick Step Setting TP LINK Block Website

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Easy and Quick Step Setting TP LINK Block Website

Doing a website block sometimes needs to be done for certain purposes. Here are tips and tricks for setting tp link block website for TP LINK Wireless N Router Device. How to setting and configuration on TP Link for blocking certain websites?

TP LINK devices on a network can serve as a router and also a wireless network or WI-FI Hotspot. After you setting up the TP LINK for blocking certain websites, then the existing network on your TP LINK such as LAN and Wireless networks will also receive the impact.

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However, to restore it to certain sites or websites can be reopened, the setting up and configuration is very easy. How to setting and configuration on tp link for above purpose? Let’s demonstrate firsthand.

Setting Tp link block website

At this demonstration, we used TP Wireless N Router Model No. link. TL-MR3420 which serves WI-FI hotspot network and also Local Area Networking (LAN).

To block certain sites or websites on tp link, follow these easy steps and quick steps:

  • Open your Tp link by entering IP address of tp link
  • View the left panel and Click the Access Control menu
  • Sub menu Schedule > Add New
new schedule tp link

New Schedule

  • Create a new schedule, name the website to be blocked in the Schedule Description column
  • Make other arrangements, as you like
new schedule blocking websites

New schedule

  • Click on the Target menu> Add New
new target block website

New Target

  • On the new Target, fill in the Domain Name and type all the website address of the website you want and block
Adding New Target blocking sites

Adding New Target

  • Click on Host menu> Add New
new host block website

New Host

  • Select the Ip Address mode
  • Enter the Ip Address range of computers that will not be able to access the site.
Computer Host block website

Computer Host

  • Click on the Rule menu. Make the settings as they appear on the picture. In the picture, we provide an example for blocking youtube websites.

tp link block website

Adding New Rule

The result of the above settings, you can see as the example below. In the picture below, look at the status, when the status is marked check, then the site or website is in a state of being locked out or blocking.

new rule tp link block website

New rule block website

To unblock, then uncheck the status on Access Control > Rules.

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