Setting TP LINK Password on TP-Link Wireless N Router

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Setting TP LINK Password on TP-Link Wireless N Router

Why do we need the Tp Link password setting? There are various types of TP-Link devices. One of them is TP-Link Wireless N Router. The function of TP-Link Wireless N Router is in addition as a tool to serve Wireless Connection in this case is Hotspot area adn can also function as router.

For the security of yoour WI-Fi network and also LAN (Local Area Networking) in this device, then you should setting Tp-Link password. To help you setting the password on the above mentioned, we explain how to set the new user name and password on Tp-Link device.

The TP-Link we used in this demonstration is TP Wireless N Router Model No. TL-MR3420. The internet network we use is using a WAN (Wide Area Network) network with a static IP address.

Step by step Setting tp link password

  • Open your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or another broser)
  • Access your TP-Link by entering the IP address of the TP-Link in the Browser (the default IP on TP-Link, see on the back, generally
  • Appears window for TP-Link configuration
tp link password

IP Address

  • Look in the left panel, choose the System Tools menu
  • Then select Password sub menu
tp link password

change password

In the password window:

  • Enter Old User Name: admin
  • Enter Old Password: admin (default password)
  • In New User Name: fill in as you wish
  • New Password: enter a new password
  • Confirm New Password: enter new password (same as new column password)
  • Click the save button

Congratulations, you have successfully created a new password on your TP-Link.

To try the new password you have created, please do the following steps:

  • Close your browser.
  • Open your browser
  • Enter the IP address of Tp Link
  • Enter your new username and password

That is a little tricks and tips for the security of WIFI network and your Local Area Networking network by using the TP-LINK Wireless Link N Router device.

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