Show Hidden Files and Folders USB Drive From Virus Attacking

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Show Hidden Files and Folders USB Drive From Virus Attacking

How to Show Hidden Files and Folders on USB Flash Drive From Virus Attacking? Have you ever experienced data either files or folders on USB Flash Drive suddenly lost on Windows System. This incident often happens to most people with Windows operating system. This is often caused by computer virus attacks on the Windows operating system.

The beginning of this incident is, previously on the Windows system on your computer has been attacked by Virus. When you insert a USB Flash Disk or other storage media into a USB port Computer, then the data on the USB Flash Drive will soon be hidden by the Virus. The data is not lost but only hidden.

hidden files usb drive

hidden files usb drive

Can hidden files or Folders be restored?

Data either files or folders hidden by the virus can be restored easily without using antivirus software. How to?

How to show Hidden Files and Folders on USB Flash Drive without Software?

Here, we will demonstrate how to show hidden files and folders without using antivirus software. We only use the tools tools that already exist in the Windows facilities that is by using Command Prompt (CMD). The way we use has been us and successfully 100% on various versions of Windows.

Show hidden files and folders in USB Hard Drive in Windows

  • Open the Command Prompt app. You can open it in some way like Start Menu, or by using the RUN command (Start + R) print run> Run> Type “cmd” without quotes
command prompt

open cmd

  • Command Prompt window appears
  • At the command prompt window, type drive letter from USB Flash Drive
  • For example in the example here, it will show hidden files and folders from drive G
  • Then type the command: type attrib -r -a -s -h *. * / s / d
cmd show hidden

cmd show hidden

  • Press the Enter key on the keyboard
  • Wait until the process is complete
  • Finish
show hidden files

show hidden files

  • See the results. For more details see the picture of the command prompt below.
unhide files folders

shoe hide files folders

After the above steps you do it right. Then all the files and folders that are hidden will be displayed in an anonymous folder. Open the unnamed folder and view its contents.

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