100%: Some Easy Way Shutdown Computer in Windows 8

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100%: Some Easy Way Shutdown Computer in Windows 8

Shut down or Shutdown computer is a sacred activity that must be done to end all the running process of an Operating System. Why admin called sacred, because with this shutdown process running operating system process can be terminated properly.

You can directly turn off the computer by directly pressing the power button or directly disconnect the power to the computer, but this way is not recommended because it can lead to system failure or even the worst of your hardware can be damaged.

How to Shutdown computer in Windows 8

Shutting down Windows 8 does not have to go through the start menu, here are some tips on how to shutdown computer on Windows 8 and later Windows Version.

To shutdown computer in Windows 8, just move the mouse cursor to the bottom right corner of the screen, click the Settings icon – or just hold down the Windows key and press I – and you’ll see a power button. Click this and choose ‘Shut Down’ or ‘Restart’.

  • In Windows 8.1, press Start + X, click ‘Shut down or sign out’ and select the option you need.


shutdown computer

quick access power option

  • And if you’re on the desktop, press Alt + F4 and you’ll be able to choose ‘Shut Down’, ‘Restart’, ‘Sign Out’ or ‘Switch User’ options.
  • Some of the tricks available in previous versions of Windows still apply. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del, for instance, click the power button in the bottom right-hand corner and you’ll be presented with the same ‘Shut Down’ and ‘Restart’ options.

By shutdown the computer properly and correctly, it will be able to prevent the computer from damage due to improper computer shutdown process.

Apparently there are several ways to shutdown the computer in Windows 8. Actually not just shutdown, the above methods also apply to restart and log off the computer. Try to vary the way your computer shutdown so you can feel different sensations and not monotonous. Though small things but it never hurts to try

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