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Several Correct Ways how to Shutdown Windows 8

How to shutdown windows 8? The correct ways to turn off the computer will affect the computer or laptop that is used. The shutdown Windows computer that is not true and correct will be able to result in damage to the hardware of the computer itself.

In the previous discussion, we have delivered a quick way to shutdown the computer properly and correctly. Well, on this occasion, Dimlog tips and tricks will share tips and tricks about several correct ways how to turn off computer on Windows 8.

To shutdown Windows 8, you can do it in several ways as follows:

The first way through Charm Bar

How to shutdown Windows 8 using the first way, the steps are as follows:

  • Move the mouse cursor to the bottom or top on right corner of the screen
  • Click the Settings icon
settings charm bar

charm bar

  • Power
power option

power option

  • Please choose according to desire ‘Sleep’ ‘ShutDown’ or ‘Restart’.
shutdown windows 8

Power Options

The second way through the desktop screen

This trick is one way to shut down the computer by using the keyboard shortcut from the Windows operating system. For more details about how to shutdown Windows 8 with keyboard shortcuts are as follows:

  • Press Start + D button on keyboard
Start + D

Start + D

  • Press Alt + F4
alt + f4

alt + f4

  • Select Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, Switch user, Sign out

The third way is Shutdown with Command Prompt

How to shutdown the third window is by through the CMD or command prompt. For more details about how to shutdown with command prompt please read on our post here.

Thus tips about How to shutdown Windows 8 above, we have demonstrated earlier on a computer or laptop that uses the Windows operating system 8. Hopefully, hopefully this can add computer science to the readers. May be useful.

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