Treatment for Skin Diseases using Traditional Medicines

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Treatment for Skin Diseases using Traditional Medicines

There are various kinds of skin diseases that are familiar to us, among others, such as panu, kadas, ringworm, and other common skin diseases. Here are some traditional medicine that is often used for the treatment of skin diseases.

Galangal to treat Panu, ringworm, mange, ulceration, ulcers

Treatment: Outer treatment, rubbed in a sick place. How to make: – finely mashed rhizome galangal with garlic (comparison 1: 4, 1 rhizome 4 garlic) to be mush

  • Apply / paste in the sick place
  • For a long ringworm, add the herb with vinegar
  • For Panu: provide a fresh rhizome, cut to the fiber, rub on the affected part

Treatment of Eczema, ulcers, and skin diseases

The crown of this lotus flower is burned, will produce ash which also efficacious as medicine. This ash can be used as an external medicine to cure boils, eczema, and skin diseases. While the powder and stamens of lotus flower when mixed with honey and cheese will be a cure for hemorrhoids disease.

Treat Itching and Scabies

For external treatment, simply take leaves, skin, stems, or roots as needed. Wash thoroughly, then finely ground until the dough is like mush. Apply to an itchy place, then bandaged.

Treat Eczema Skin Disease

  • Grated ginger rhizome, then the squeeze
  • Mix with grated rape
  • Apply the ingredients to the skin affected by eczema

Injuries, wounds, and warts

  • Spread with the sap of cashew nut or cashew nut (Anarcadium occidentale L) for several days until the wound is dry
  • For warts, pick 5 pieces of GOD LEAF, leaf until smooth. Dabbing the leaf that has been smooth in a place that warts, make until glue, let one day and off to the next day

Various other skin diseases

For people with skin diseases, itching, and wounds, the ingredients to be formulated are leaves of biduri and coconut oil to taste. The leaves were smeared with coconut oil, then drifted over the ignition.

After that, the leaf is attached to the wounded or itchy skin. Before treatment, the wounded skin is washed first with warm water or 70% alcohol.

Scabies skin disease in children

skin diseases


Children affected by scabies are advised to bathe with brotowali water stew. How to make boiled water: take brotowali stem 1m, in chopped or cut small, boil with 4 liters of water to boil, put boiled water into the bucket and add cold water, bathe the child while immersing his body.

Such are the ways to treat skin diseases by using herbs or traditional medicine.

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