The Real time Internet Speed test Meter for Android

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The Real time Internet Speed test Meter for Android

Are you need to check your internet speed test, analyze, monitor your network both Wi-fi and cellular? if so, here we have an instant solution, fast and easy. The instant solution is by using Net SpeedTest Android APP, an application packed in the form of android applications to find the speed of the internet quickly and real-time.

Net Speed test is an real-time internet speed test meter app for your internet connection both wi-fi and also cellular networks on your android device.

With this internet speed test you can check your internet connection in a real time, keep track of your speed test meter. Net SpeedTest also provide you to display your internet speed both download and upload in status bar. It also can show you how much the amount of data used in notification pane. So, it will helps you to always monitor your internet connection, data usage anytime while using your android device.

Net SpeedTest, the real time internet speed test meter Features :

  • 4G speed test meter
  • ¬†Daily traffic usage in notification bar and menu.
  • Real time monitor of your speed update in status bar and notification.
  • In the history you can Monitors your traffic data usage for the last 30 days.
  • Separate stats for Mobile or cellular internet connection network and WiFi internet connection.
  • Efficient in battery usage
  • Battery efficient

Net SpeedTest is very useful for many user to check download and upload speed of internet connection. Net SpeedTest showcases accurate speed of broadband coverage test and also the remaining data limit on your phone. In addition to Net SpeedTest, it also indicates spots with stronger signals for internet speed and data coverage.

internet speed test meter

internet speedtest meter


By using this speed test meter, user can analyze internet connection speed and the end can decide and determine the right of internet connection from available of Wi-fi and cellular network.  This application is a very useful application to check, measure and analyze of internet speed instantly using android device.

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