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Work 100%, How to enter Safe Mode Windows 10

How to enter Safe Mode Windows 10? Safe mode is a choice of startup options in Windows Operating System whose main function is to solve problems that occur on the system. In Safe Mode option, Windows will run with minimal conditions, only the files and drivers that are important are activated, as well as additional software is mostly not enabled. Then when it entered the safe mode, it will appear the words “Safe Mode” in the top corner of the windows.

Step by step How to enter Safe Mode Windows 10?

  • Click the Start icon then select Settings
Windows 10 settings

Windows 10 settings

  • Select Update & security
update security settings

update & security settings

  • Select Recovery, Then click Restart now.
recovery settings

recovery settings

  • After system restart, you will enter Windows RE (Recovery environment). Please select Troubleshoot.

Troubleshoot Windows 10

  • Select Advanced options

advanced settings

  • Select Startup Settings
safe mode windows 10

startup settings

  • Click Restart.
Restart safe mode


  • You can select Enable Safe Mode to enter Safe Mode.
enable safe mode

enable safe mode

  • The Safe Mode word appears angled from the monitor to identify the type of Windows used.
safe mode windows 10

safe mode

As a function, you can take advantage of Safe Mode startup in Windows 10 is to make improvements to the Windows system is damaged. For example can not startup, there is an error install on a particular hardware, malware or viruses, delete files that can not be deleted, uninstall drivers and others.

Some other benefits running Windows 10 in Safe Mode are as follows:

  • Disable certain applications or programs running on startup.
  • Uninstall certain software that can not be uninstalled when windows run in normal mode. Sometimes a new software is installed cause errors in the computer system.
  • Delete files / viruses that can not be through the normal mode. Sometimes the virus does not run in safe mode, although many also can run or active though in Safe Mode.
  • Running features from Control Panel, Administrative tools and so on.
  • Checking for problems with windows graphical display (VGA). When windows display problems, can be checked by selecting “Enable VGA Mode”, if successful and do not see any problems, chances are the problem is on the VGA driver.
  • Opens the Registry Editor, either to check or to edit some of its contents.
  • Run System Restore to restore the windows system to initial conditions. This can be done if this function was previously enabled, so that the system condition can be restored to the previous state.

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