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Stomach sleeping Position; The Negative Impact

The habit of stomach sleeping position is bad for your body! Everyone has their favorite sleeping positions. However, if your sleeping position is wrong, most likely it will have a bad impact so that interfere with your routine. Here’s the impact that occurs if you still maintain a prone sleeping position, especially stomach sleeping position:

The Negative Impact of Stomach sleeping Position

Inhibits oxygen

The position of prone sleep can disrupt the flow of blood toward the central nervous system of the brain. Blood flow to the central nerve will be blocked and choked up that eventually cause damage to the central nerve of the head. This condition can be bad for the way of thinking someone who tends to slow.

stomach sleeping

stomach sleeping

In addition, the sleeping position on the stomach caused the nostrils do not open freely as a result of being covered by a pillow. The respiratory tract gets pressure and crushes from body weight on the stomach positions, this causes the respiratory system to be obstructed and the chest feels heavier and pain when waking up.

Pain in the neck

Sleeping on your stomach makes you turn your head sideways. This makes the head and spine uneven. As time passes the problem at this neck will be able to grow. The use of the wrong pillow will also worsen the condition of the back of the neck becomes more painful when awakened because of nervous tension around the neck.\

Wrinkles on the face

People aged 20-30 years have a habit of sleeping on his stomach every day for several hours resulting in the flow of blood around the face becomes not smooth. The facial part of the pillow tends to follow the earth’s gravity.

Unsymmetrical facial slopes will leave a trail of wrinkles and lines on the surface of the facial skin. This condition if it continues to occur will make the face vulnerable to the appearance of fine lines around the corner of the eyes and corner of the lips.

Pressure in the spine

The pain will occur in the neck, back or joints. You will often wake up at night to make your break time is reduced. As a result sleep quality was worse.

According to the Mayo Clinic, sleeping on stomach put pressure on his back and spine. The pressure on the spine results in pain throughout the body. Tingling and numbness are the symptoms that will usually attack you

To get around to the position of sleep is not prone, place a pillow under the pelvis so that the back does not press the spine. The neck and back are no longer painful and activity in the morning can be undertaken smoothly. Good luck.

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