8 06, 2018

Perfect Way How to Make Watermark on Photo and Images

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How to make watermark on photos or images? The watermark of a photo or image is a mark that is on the back of a picture or photo. The watermark of a photograph or image can be a sign of an authenticity of a photograph or image itself. By creating or adding this watermark we [...]

31 05, 2018

Fast and Easy Way to Add Text to Image Using ACDSee

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Add text to image or photo you can do with various ways. In the image or digital photo on the computer you can add text to the image or photo using graphics processing application software. There are a lot of graphics, photo editing, photo management, image editing software either free or paid. Well, in the [...]

22 03, 2018

Create Black & White Photos in One Click using ACDSee

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Color photos you can change into black & white photos can be done easily with just one click. How to do it? Here we will show you an Tips and tricks how to create and Change colored Photos, images to black & white photos just in one click There are many ways to turn your [...]