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19 04, 2018

Displays Message at Windows Startup When Computer Start

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Why we need to display an message at Windows startup when computer start or turn on? When first knocking on the door and visiting, it will feel different when we get a welcome greeting, welcome in and / or another greeting. Likewise on your computer. You can display any message you like when the computer [...]

7 04, 2018

Perfect 3 Ways to Rename Drive Name on Windows

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Drive name (hard drive) that exist on your computer you can change the name in accordance with your wishes. How to rename drive name on Windows?. Drive names can be changed and adjust according to a specific desire. For example, the name of the drive is changed based on the contents of the file in [...]

10 03, 2018

Change My Computer Icon Easily as Your Desire

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By default the My computer Icon on the Windows operating system and Linux is shown in the form of a computer image. However, for those of you who want to display different My computer icons in accordance with your company icon, computer brand, or other different images you can change your My Computer Icon with [...]

14 06, 2017

Safe Mode Booting Settings in Windows OS

2017-06-19T05:53:25+00:00 Categories: Basic Windows Tips|Tags: |1 Comment

Sometimes we need to run or booting windows in Safe Mode booting Windows. For example, we want to delete some of files that can not be deleted when windows running in Windows Normal mode. In here, we will show you an trick how to boot windows operating system in safe mode windows. The below article, [...]

14 06, 2017

Offline Install .Net Framework 3.5 for Windows 7,8,10

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net framework features In here we will describe to you how to install Offline Install .Net Framework 3.5 for Windows 7,8,10 with easily, quick and no required downloading .Net Framework file. We can also call it with dot Net Framework. Dot Net Framework is a Windows features that are very important for your [...]

18 04, 2017

How To Adding New Language on Windows 8

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By default on windows operating system, including Windows 8, there are just only one language are installed on your computer system. Just by the one language, some of features in local area on your region can not adjusted. For example, in date, time, in currency and sometime make your local software with your local language [...]

16 04, 2017

Change Screen Brightness on Windows 8

2017-06-28T16:09:55+00:00 Categories: Windows 8|Tags: |2 Comments

Screen brightness for some people are make the eyes not comfortable if the screen brightness are so very bright. But, take it easy. You can set the screen brightness according to your desire. For this moment and in this trick we will show you how to setting up or change screen brightness on Windows 8 [...]

15 04, 2017

How to Show Computer Icon on Windows OS

2017-06-28T16:18:06+00:00 Categories: Windows 8|Tags: |3 Comments

In Microsoft Windows 8 Operating system, By default, the computer icon not showing on your desktop. But, with some trick you can show it on your desktop. By showing computer icon, you will get more effective and more quick to access your computer software and hardware just in one click. How to show computer icon [...]