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20 02, 2018

Super Benefits of Cucumber Suri for Health

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Who does not know cucumber suri? Fruit that has an oval shape with yellow skin is not only become one of the favorite menu for the everybody in the world, especially as a fruit when breaking the fast. This fruit also has a myriad of excellent benefits for the health of the human body. The [...]

7 02, 2018

Treatment for Urinary Tract Infections with Natural Ingredients

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Urinary tract infections are more common in women. This is due to the close distance between the anus and the urethra. This infection in addition to causing hot and sore when urinating, if not treated properly and left alone can result in fever to pain in the pelvis. There are several treatments that can be [...]

6 02, 2018

Various Benefits of Aloe Vera Plant for Healthy Skin

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There are many kind benefits of aloe vera plant. Aloe vera is a kind of plant that has been known since thousands of years ago. This plant can be found easily in the arid region of Africa. However, until now the plants have spread throughout the world. Aloe vera plant from the past until now [...]

25 07, 2017

Garlic Benefits for you and Family healthy

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Not only has a savory taste and delicious, garlic is also beneficial for health. There are many garlic benefits Which we can take for our healthy. Garlic has long been used as a flavoring of various dishes, either sauteed or baked. Not only has a savory taste and delicious, garlic is also beneficial for health. [...]