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24 05, 2018

Running Alarm and Stopwatch in Windows 10

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Running alarm and stopwatch on Computer. Have you ever heard of a horn? We think everyone knows it. The horn is an example of an alarm. If so, what is an alarm definition? Alarm is a warning sound or notice when there is a decrease or failure in the delivery of data communication signal or [...]

23 05, 2018

Show Hidden Files and Folders USB Drive From Virus Attacking

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How to Show Hidden Files and Folders on USB Flash Drive From Virus Attacking? Have you ever experienced data either files or folders on USB Flash Drive suddenly lost on Windows System. This incident often happens to most people with Windows operating system. This is often caused by computer virus attacks on the Windows operating [...]

19 05, 2018

Stopping Not Responding Application with Task Manager

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Have you experienced Not Responding to the process of an application. Because of something like an application program that is too heavy to work, an error in the application program running applications can experience Not Responding program application. What can we do? When a process of an application experiences Not Responding you can forcibly stopping [...]

18 04, 2018

Crypto Currency Converter, Convert Hundreds Crypt Currencies

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Crypto Currency Converter is a Web-based application and also an Android-based app that allows you to Convert hundreds of Crypt Currencies into currencies from all over the world instantly. Web-based applications from Crypt currency converter you can access on the following page crypt currencies converter. While Crypt Currency converter application based on android you can [...]

12 09, 2017

Create Hirens Boot USB Bootable from Hirens BootCD

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In the following sessions, we will make and create Hirens Boot USB Bootable from Hiren's BootCD.iso. How to make Hiren's BootCD can be mounted on USB so Hiren's BootCD can be run on USB Hard Drive. Why do we use USB Bootable to run Hiren's BootCD?. Some of the underlying reasons are: USB relative is [...]