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19 09, 2017

Static IP address, How to Know and Setup?

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What is a static IP address? IP address stands for internet protocol address is the address specified to connect one computer to another computer. IP address has two versions of ip version 4 or commonly abbreviated ipv4 and ip version 6 or commonly abbreviated ipv6. Static IP is an IP which is set manually and [...]

18 09, 2017

TP Link Setup for Router and Wireless Internet

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On this occasion Dimlog tips and trick will provide tips on TP Link Setup on TP-Link L-MR3420 to serve as Router on LAN Network (Local Area Networking) with internet and also Hotspot (WIFI) with internet connection. How to Setup TP Link Wireless N Router for LAN Internet At this setting, the internet network that we [...]

29 07, 2017

How To Manually Disable-Enable Wifi On Laptop

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First, before explaining how to manually disable and enable Wifi (Wireless Network Connection) on laptop, first let us see a little explanation about WIFI taken from various reference source. In the midst of this increasingly sophisticated era of technology makes the technology companies always make the latest innovations, one of the superior product output are [...]