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2 06, 2018

100% Recover Data, Unallocated Partition, Unallocated Disk

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At this time dimlog will try to share to you about the data recovery experience from unallocated partition, unallocated disk with damaged and bad sector har disk drive. Damaged hard disk drive we mean is the hard disk that suffered damage as follows: Formatted unintentionally Unallocated hard disk drive or unallocated partition or unallocated disk [...]

29 05, 2018

Perfect, Create New Partition in Windows without Software

2018-05-29T13:29:45+00:00 Categories: Basic Windows Tips|Tags: |1 Comment

How do I create new partition directly on Windows? You can easily create new partitions directly on Windows even at the same time Windows is still running. How to do it? Create New partition Directly while Windows Run. When the computer is already installed Windows with some existing partitions and you want to add a [...]

5 10, 2017

3 Ways to Format Hard Drive From Windows Computer

2017-10-05T03:34:20+00:00 Categories: Basic Windows Tips|Tags: |1 Comment

There are several ways to format hard drive from a windows computer. The hard drive we mean here is a hard disk drive, usb disk drive, external hard disk drive, MultiMediaCard (MMC), and similar storage media. The following we will demonstrate some ways to format the hard drive that we mean above by using Windows [...]

3 08, 2017

Fix MBR Error By Win32/Agent.TBV trojan

2017-08-03T13:59:26+00:00 Categories: Basic Windows Tips|Tags: |3 Comments

How to fix MBR sector error? One day, there are popup message appears: object: MBR sector of the 0. physical disk. Threat: Win32/Agent.TBV trojan. This alert message is displayed by EseNOD32 Antivirus which detects a Win32/Agent.TBV trojan virus on the flash disk drive as shown in the popup window of Eset Antivirus software. For more [...]