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13 07, 2018

Using Volume Mixer to Control Device and Application Volume

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Volume Mixer Is an Application Volume Controller. The volume of mixer software by default already exists and is installed on an operating system. By using this utility, then you can adjust the special volume on an application. Thus, then every application you run will adjust to the settings on here in the application in question. [...]

1 07, 2018

The Real time Internet Speed test Meter for Android

2018-07-24T15:41:31+00:00 Categories: Android APP, Android Tips, Internet, Networking Tips|Tags: , |0 Comments

Are you need to check your internet speed test, analyze, monitor your network both Wi-fi and cellular? if so, here we have an instant solution, fast and easy. The instant solution is by using Net SpeedTest Android APP, an application packed in the form of android applications to find the speed of the internet quickly [...]

26 06, 2018

Full Check and FIx Error Hard Drive Volume using CHKDSK

2018-06-26T19:55:01+00:00 Categories: Basic Windows Tips, Windows 8|Tags: , |0 Comments

There are many utility tools on Windows operating system, on of the is CHKDSK. This tool utility called CHKDSK ("check disk"), this tool is very useful for windows users to detect and repair when the hard disk partition. In addition, by checking the disk periodically, it will also be able to remove damaged hard drive [...]

24 06, 2018

Delete Trash Files, Temporary Files Without Software

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How to clean up, remove, delete trash files, temporary files or junk files on your computer or laptop needs to be learned by laptop or computer users. This is important, because it will be related to how to care for the computer or laptop itself, where one of them is to clean up junk files [...]

5 06, 2018

3 Fastest Ways Open the Calculator Application in Windows

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Did you know that we can run the calculator application on the computer. So when we are in front of the computer screen and do not carry a calculator, then we can use the calculator application on the computer to perform various activities related to the calculator. Calculators or in the field of mathematics often [...]

10 04, 2017

Easy to Backup and Restore Computer Driver

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In some case, some condition and sometime your computer had got a problem and need to be reinstalling Windows operating system. In this case, after reinstalling the new windows operating system, some of your hardware on your computer or laptop can’t work and need to install the driver. For performing installing driver one by one [...]