24 05, 2018

Perfect: Download and Save New WhatsApp Status

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Can we download New WhatsApp status whether video or photo? In the use of the Whatsapp app, often our friends create new or update WhatsApp status. New WhatsApp status updates can be videos or photographs from camera catches or other stored sources. About Update or New WhatsApp Status Update Every day, you or WhatsApp users [...]

9 05, 2018

How to Quickly and Easily Disable WhatsApp Status Last Seen

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WhatsApp status last seen shows the last time someone logged in on WhatsApp to view messages or statuses from friends or others personally or in WhatsApp groups. How to Disbale Features WhatsApp status last seen By default Whatsapp status last seen will be shown to others when they do private chat. Thus others will know [...]

8 05, 2018

See WhatsApp Status Unnoticed by others

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By default or the default setting of WhatsApp, after Reading WhatsApp Status from your friends, your friends will be able to see if you have opened their status. How can your friends not know you have opened their status. Here's an explanation. Step by step how to Viewing the WhatsApp Status of Friends without your [...]