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Teen care: What is Proper teenage care is given?

Teen care: Adolescence, teenage or puberty is between the ages of 10 and 19 and is a transition from childhood to adulthood. The most important event that occurs in teenage girls is the arrival of the first menstruation called menarche. Traditionally, menarche is regarded as a sign of maturity, and the girl who experiences it is thought to be time to do the duties as a mature woman, and ready to be married. At this age the female body undergoes a dramatic change, as it begins to produce sexual hormones that will affect the growth and development of the system reproduction

  • Balanced nutrition
  • Information on reproductive health
  • Violent, including sexual
  • Prevention of drug addiction
  • Marriage at a reasonable age
  • Education, skills upgrading
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Increased defense against temptations and threats.
  • Problems encountered include: commercial sex, sexual harassment, drug abuse (alcohol, drugs, tobacco), gender violence, harmful traditional practices, unsafe sex behavior, teenage pregnancy, unsafe abortion, ISR / STI / HIV / AIDS.
  • Approaches that can be done include; counseling on legal / social change, health education, detection, prevention, treatment, appropriate contraception, supplementation, family education, counseling etc.

What proper teen care is given?

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Balanced nutrition

Nutritious foods are foods that contain energy substances, substances builders and substances that fit the nutritional needs. Balanced nutrition is needed in this stage for the benefit of reproductive health as well as for growth and development capabilities.

Information about reproductive health

Provision of information about reproductive health aims to provide information and knowledge related to healthy life behavior for adolescents, in addition to addressing existing problems. With sufficient knowledge and motivation to live a healthy adolescence, teenagers are expected to be able to maintain their health in order to enter a period of family life with healthy reproduction.

Prevention of sexual violence (rape)

What is meant by rape here is forced sexual intercourse with women, done without permission and may use violence. Humans in this case are biologically have sexual needs so need to control their sexual instincts and channel them into positive activities, such as sports and developing a hobby that builds.

Prevention of drug addiction

Prevention of drug abuse in adolescents should be done with early approach either from parents, teachers, counselors in activities undertaken by the students in school, so that with mentoring and guidance we can know the process of mental development that occurs in students and also its effect on the environment.

Marriage at a reasonable age

The failure of marriage in today’s society is greatly enhanced resulting in undesirable social consequences. The arrangement of a marriage which was originally custom rituals was taken over by the State and made as a rule of law and regulated by law. The law also regulates the age limit of a person who is allowed to marry a reason for demographic interest, preventing underage children who have not been deemed able to make decisions for themselves.

Improved education, skills, self-esteem and defense against temptations and threats. Adolescents, teenage need briefing on information / education, skills and tips to defend themselves physically and psychologically and mentally in the face of various temptations, such as invitations to use drugs and others.

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